Property Tax

In recent years, more people have been buying and selling properties. Did you realise income from property sales is like any other income? You need to pay tax on it.

Survey Mark Protection

Thousands of vital marks exist in New Zealand- many are below ground level and invisible to most of us. It is in everyone's interests to take care of survery marks and protect them from damage.

Precise Land Measurement

There are times when your land and the features on, above or below its surface will need to be located. A surveyor professional who has the required training, equipment and skills necessary to efficiently and accurately carry out this task.

Land Development Engineering

Have you ever wondered how a bare paddock can be turned into a network of roads, drains and cables that can support a vibrant community of people? A surveyor is the only professional whose training is directed at understanding and managing this transformation- known as land development.

Redefinition of Boundaries

A Redefinition Survey may be required to locate the legal boundaries of your property for building consent purposes, before erecting fences, or to determine the extent of a parcel of land before purchase.

What are Unit Titles

Unit title ownership is an alternative form of land and building ownership. Unit titles enable a single block of land to be used simultaneously by several owners in a variety of ways.

Property Ownership and Rights

Land can be held in an number of different forms of ownership and can be subject to a myriad of rights and restricitions. A surveyor is a land professional who understands the rights associated with your property and can therefore help eliminate any confusion.