Property Ownership and Rights

Land can be held in an number of different forms of ownership and can be subject to a myriad of rights and restricitions. A surveyor is a land professional who understands the rights associated with your property and can therefore help eliminate any confusion.

What form of ownership do I have?

Your land may be owned in a freehold (the most common), cross-lease or unit title, or it may be leased for a fixed period of time.

What other rights are associated with my land?

  • There may be easements over or in favour of the land
  • The public may have a right of access along a 'paper' road or the edge of a river, lake or the sea
  • The property may enjoy riparian rights along a natural water boundary
  • The use of part of the property may be restricted by a convenant or consent notice

Where are these rights located?

A surveyor can interpret the land records, provide advice and translate the associated rights onto the ground-where it matters most.

Unlocking the Potential

Understanding the extent and type of rights associated with your land is important

All information has been sourced from the Property Ownership and Rights information brochure, avaliable from the offices of Pirie Consultants or by contacting the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors