Land Development Engineering

Have you ever wondered how a bare paddock can be turned into a network of roads, drains and cables that can support a vibrant community of people? A surveyor is the only professional whose training is directed at understanding and managing this transformation- known as land development.

Creating a Community

Surveyors have many roles in the land development process. They can interpret the laws and rules relating to land development and obtain the necessary consents. They are also involved in placing pegs in the ground to mark out the new sections. More importantly however, a surveyor can work with the natural shape of the land to create a functioning system of roads and services upon which the new community will depend.

A surveyor can undertake the following engineering tasks related to land development:

  • Carry out a survey to determine the shape of the land
  • Design roads to provide access to the new sections
  • Design services (e.g. drainage and water pipes) that use the natural shape of the land to minimise costs while still meeting national and local standards
  • Reshaping the land to increase its value and functionality
  • Prepare the contractors' documents and measure the quantities of materials needed (and used)
  • Supervise the construction of the community to ensure it meets design adn council requirements

All information has been sourced from the Land Developing Engineering information brochure, avaliable from the offices of Pirie Consultants or by contacting the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors