Survey Mark Protection

Thousands of vital marks exist in New Zealand- many are below ground level and invisible to most of us. It is in everyone's interests to take care of survery marks and protect them from damage.

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) provides a service that helps to preserve the marks. If you're planning works that could disturb survey marks, it's importants that you contact LINZ for help before you begin. LINZ provides a free service to help you avoid the survey marks.

What we need from you

Contact LINZ national office at or call 0800 ONLINE, well before you start work to provide a plan of proposed works. If no marks are affected then linz will contact you within a few days then you can start work immediately. If marks are at risk, you will receive prints of plans showing you where the marks are and you can either:

  • Divert your works to avoid distubing marks or,
  • Contact a Licensed Surveyor to protect the marks by offsetting and replacing the marks.

Why survey marks are important

Survey marks provide a wealth of important information to a wide range of people in the community. They are mainly used to support the surveying of property boundaries, but are also important to engineering, roading, mapping and other land surveys.

WARNING- Disturbing Survey Marks is an Offence

Responsibility for the reinstatement or replacement of marks destroyed or disturbed rests with your organisation under Section 55 of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002. A Licensed Cadastral Surveyor must oversee the reinstatement or replacement to the standards set by the Surveyor-General.

All information has been sourced from the Survey Mark Protection information brochure, April 2003, avaliable from the offices of Pirie Consultants or by contacting Land Information New Zealand