A Subdivision takes place when existing parcels of land are divided into smaller parcels or when an existing boundary is altered.

The Subdivision Process

Subdivision Design and Resource Consent

An NZIS member can discuss your requirements with you adn then design the subdivision and apply for consents from the relevant authorities.

Subdivisional Approval

Once the Local Authority has apporoved the subdivision, your surveyor can assist you to meet any required conditions (such as installing drains to your new section).

The Legal Survey of Subdivision

NZIS members who hold a cadastral surveying license can complete the legal survey and lodge the final dataset that will form part of New Zealand's official survey record with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

Issue of Title

When LINZ has approved your surveyor's plans and your solicitor has lodged the required legal documentation, your new titles can be issues.

All information has been sourced from the Subdivision of Land information brochure, avaliable from the offices of Pirie Consultants or by contacting the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors